“Appreciate culture, respect environment and embrace technology.”


As we advance as human race, we have massively created and produced many things to satisfy our basic needs and fulfil our emotional desires.  However, we might have sacrificed something very precious at the same time, such as traditional craftsmanship that we have mastered over the past few hundred years.  Natural resources that is exhausted from mass production and mass consumption, and we are losing our control of technology as we are overwhelmed by ever changing electronic devices and social networking.  Through the contemplation and reflection on the essence of design and production, we are unveiling the new logic of production and creation for the coming new era, and we are looking forward to a future where humanity is respected, resources are cherished and technology is better used.


"Humanzing Technology."

NEBBIA interactive lighting




NEBBIA is a decorative wall light that uses LED as the backlight, and covered with layers of different films collected from recycled LCD displays. films are placed in the same configuration as a typical LCD TV, in order to distribute the light evenly and bright.  The top layers of rBEF film is reformed with irregular patterns that reflects light similar to crystal.

Nebbia is our vision of the coming future where everything will eventually be connected to the internet.  When an assigned FACEBOOK page is “liked”, Nebbia will appear it’s light in a different colour and pattern, instead of been noticed by numbers or text lines.  To inform and to perform.  


“The value of the material lies not in its condition but in its application”

With the help from material specialist – Jackie Wang, The founder of Renato LAB, nbt.STUDIO is able to explore potential and develop new design possibilities in various type of recycled material.  We are fully supported by several companies in recycling/reprocessing business, including recycled PCB boards from SDTI co., LTD, Recycled Rubber tires from Jia-Qian Rubber Technology and many others.


APPEAR light


- Glass shade made out of recycled BEF (Brightness Enhancement Film) and recycled PMMA (Optical Acrylic)

- Base made out of recycled PCB board mixed with recycled CRT glasses

APPEAR is a lighting fixture made out of recycled material collected and processed from disposed LCD displays and high-tech products, the bulb is embedded inside the rPCB (processed printed circuit boards) base, and the glass shade that is made with layers of reclaimed BEF (Brightness Enhancement Film) and re-arranged to create the Moiré texture as well as to redirect the light 90 degree from the base on to the glass.

CIRCUITO Tiles / desk accessories


Recycled PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

Recycled CRT monitor glass



Recycled Rubber Tire

Aluminum L bars


“The innovation of today, is the tradition of tomorrow.”

A series of hand made lacquer industrial-craftsmanship products that are designed and created from the collaboration between the Lacquer artist from Tie-san Lacquer studio - Liao Shen-wen and nbt.STUDIO. By utilising the newest manufacturing technology into tradition lacquering process, the new combination with variety material is made possible. 

Designer Photo