PIPR Project (2016)

PIPR Project is a sustainable solution designed to recycle disposable paper, PP and PLA cups.



Over 1.5 billion disposable cups tossed away in an year in Taiwan, and more than 60% of it are paper cups.  Due to PE film lamination for waterproof, lack of efficient recycling ways, and low economic value in disposable cups, less than 6% of the 1.5 billion is recycled, the rest end up in incinerators.  In fact, this is a global problem most of the developed countries are facing.

PIPR Project is a collaboration project with environmental engineers, consultants from UNU and KPMG,


Pipr_Visual (INDEX).003.jpeg


PIPR is design in modules that include recycling tubes that are made by recycled paper and PP material, as well as simple metal tube holders, to fulfill different situation in different area. It is designed this way to increase the intuitiveness in distinguishing from paper to plastic, and to lower the initiative expense by making better use out of the collected cups before it reaches a greater quantity, new tubes will be made from the recycled cups and go back on street to collect more. Efficiency increased when the tubes is full, and go directly to the recycler without separating from stops to stops.