Lacquer Artist - LIAO SHENG-WEN


Born in 1962 in Dajia Township, Taichung County, Liao Sheng-Wen joined an institute for “Crafts spread and study” in 1986 which was established by master Chen Huo-Qing,  developed an deep interest in the lacquerware in the process of learning. Immediately after he completed his course of ten months, he made efforts in lacquerware creation, and then he held a select in “Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition” on alternate year and held second of Craft in Taichung Fine Arts Exhibition. Liao has a pragmatic personality, so Master Huang Lishu encouraged and helped him to establish “Tie-Shan Lacquer Studio” in Dajia in 2002, Besides, Liao began to lecture on lacquer art at Fengyuan Museum of Lacquer Art and National Taiwan Craft Research And Development Institute. In the art of lacquerware, Liao acts as an important role what he can spread and pass on the culture and the skill from generation to generation. 

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