DA.AI Brand Story

The eco brand, DA.AI, originates from Taiwan and looks out to the world with a global perspective.

With a core mission of providing eco-friendly fashion products, the company adheres to the standard of keeping its product sources, from raw materials to manufacturing, 100% eco-friendly.  The company’s recycled polyester, made from post-consumer PET bottles, saves about 66% of energy consumption, and reduces carbon emissions with about 33%, compared to using virgin materials.

DA.AI Technology, which has been promoting the brand “DA.AI,” was established in 2008. The company is Taiwan’s first non-profit company dedicated to producing eco-friendly products and one of the world’s first non-profit companies which donates 100% of its net proceeds to charity. DA.AI adheres to Master Cheng Yen’s concept of “Coexist with the Earth” by integrating Tzu Chi recycling volunteers’ efforts and manufacturers’ eco-friendly production concept, and using recycled resources as raw materials to manufacture eco-friendly products. This process not o

nly activates a new life cycle for used PET bottles, at the same time, it also reduces the consumption of new resources, solving problems associated with Taiwan’s massive volume of plastic recyclables.
In addition to the development of eco-friendly apparel and everyday life products made from recycled fabrics, DA.AI is also a pioneer in integrating environmental protection and charitable work by turning recycled PET bottles into warm fleece blankets.  Through Tzu Chi volunteers’ efforts, DA.AI has distributed over 450,000 eco-friendly blankets to people suffering from disasters in over 26 countries. These blankets not only give warmth to the suffering people, they also transform the love of the volunteers into concrete aid, thereby reflecting the concept of "extending an article’s life and creating blessings and wisdom.”
Since its establishment, DA.AI continues to develop new eco-products and further increase the quality of its recycled polyester fibers. DA.AI also collaborates with supply chain vendors from the textile industry to develop new functions for eco-fabrics, such as ventilation and moisture absorption, cooling and heating, odor removal, anti-static, water resistance and anti-radiation, etc. With “Eco Concepts & Green Living” as the theme, DA.AI plans to present a complete series of eco-friendly textile products and deliver the message of protecting our Mother Earth through recycling resources and reducing carbon emissions. DA.AI hopes to encourage and inspire more people to work towards conserving resources and reducing global warming.

DA.AI recycled polyester yarn

DA.AI Technology’s development of recycled textile raw materials includes recycled poly chips, recycled polyester fibers, recycled fabrics, and finished product such as clothing, beddings, and everyday textile products made from recycled materials. The environmental production process was certified with “Global Recycling Standard” from the Peterson's Control Union (Dutch), confirmed that all stages beginning from obtaining the raw material to the applications of materials from suppliers are in compliance with the recycling standards. In addition, DA.AI Technology’s recycled polyester fibers were awarded with EPA's "Green Mark" certification. The green eco-friendly fleece blanket made with 100% recycled polyester has also won the Carbon Lable Certifications from both of the German Rheinland Group and the EPA, which executed our promise of CSR.

DA.AI Technology works with approximately 5,400 Tzu Chi recycling stations in Taiwan. Near 2,000 tons of PET bottles are collected and recycled by the 72,000+ environmental protection promoters from Tzu Chi recycling stations each year, and 150 million PET bottled has been recycled and regenerated up to date. The Tzu Chi environmental protection promoters classify all of the plastic products, and carefully sort out #1 PET bottles, clean, remove caps and bottle rings, then group them by clear, green, and mixed colors. After the bottles are sorted and cleaned, the bottles are sent to plants to be sliced, granulated, and snagged into yarns. Tzu Chi environmental protection promoters’ love and their work ensured the quality of the materials, which also helped to increase the yield rate of the yarn. Along with manufacturers’ professional technology, high quality recycled polyester yarns are produced.

DA.AI Technology implements water-saving concept by avoiding yarn/piece dye because for each ton of fabric dyeing, 100 tons of water are used. The waste water with chemical dye will create a secondary environmental pollution; therefore, DA.AI Technology uses the original color from the bottles without additional dyeing. The clear bottles will create white yarn, while the green bottles will create green yarns, and mixed colors will create earth toned colors. DA.AI Technology is also expecting to develop recycled polyester threads, buttons, and other materials to achieve the so-called "Cradle to Cradle" concept.

DA.AI Technology also built a complete production traceability management system, starting from the Tzu Chi recycling stations, through recycling plants, chemical fiber plants, to garment supply chain factories. Information such time, source, number of PET bottles and other information are registered to fully implement quality management, and to ensure the recycling status and results. Transparent information is available to the public to show our integrity, and the approach is also for the promotion of the production of recycled products. DA.AI Technology looks forward to become the bellwether of the green industry, and hopes to work with anyone interested in environmental protection, and CSR. We wish to bring more people together, and guard our Mother Earth with love and wisdom.